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Instant icon hair oil

A non-silicon hair oil with a light texture that creates a moderately wet feeling.

Based on baobab oil, which is effective for moisturizing, it contains PPT (oil-soluble keratin, collagen, and silk) that repairs hair.

Contains heat protection ingredients*, and is useful not only for morning styling but also as an out-bath treatment.

A refreshing scent reminiscent of freshly picked pears.

It can be used not only for hair but also for hand care, nail care, etc.

*Meadowlactone protects hair from heat damage by adsorbing to keratin, a hair protein, when heated.

Sale price¥3,200(税込)
Instant icon hair oil
Instant icon hair oil Sale price¥3,200(税込)


Contains baobab oil to give strength to hair

Baobabs are known as the "Tree of Life" because they grow robustly even in the harsh desert environment, and some trees are over several thousand years old.

The oil extracted from the seeds is rich in oleic acid, linolenic acid, palmitic acid, etc., which are effective for moisturizing, and is full of the power to prevent hair dryness and repair damage.


For daily treatment oil

The smooth and light texture makes it easy to use for all hair types.

Even hair that has been damaged due to coloring, bleaching, perming, etc. will be made shiny and moisturized.


For styling oil when going out

For a natural look, use an appropriate amount on towel-dried or wet hair.

When you want to style your hair properly, adjust the amount of oil and use it on dry hair.